“Unreal proximity to the wilderness”
When it comes to snowmobiling experiences, we can offer the most. No matter if you are a professional or if it is your very first time on a snowmobile, our experienced guides will find the perfect run for you. Book through us or our partner Experience Arjeplog.

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We cooperate with Experience Arjeplog in delivering the very best of tours. Long or short, the tour is normally adapted and tailored to each group. There is a tour every Sunday, other days on request. 


Tour is perfect for: Young and old, experienced or rookie
Season: January – April
Minimum participants: 4 
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Bring: A warm layer of thermo underwear is recommended. Snowsuit, gloves, balaclava, warm boots and helmet are included in the tour
Location: Starts from Experience Arjeplog
Price: From 2150 SEK
Time & day: Sundays, January – March, 12:00 & 15:00. Other days on request



A fantastic way to become one with the wilderness white plains! Let the dogs take you through our beautiful winter landscape. Together with experienced and knowledgeable guides give you a ride you’ll never forget. In the morning, you might be lucky and meet reindeers or maybe mid-winter night’s cold let the northern lights dance across the skies.

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We cooperate with Cold nose huskies
and can arrange both short and long tours


TOUR IS PERFECT FOR: Young as old, experienced or inexperienced, loonley traveler, couples, families and groups. No reqirment on fitness.

Season: December – April

Duration: About 1,5 hour

Minimum: 2 persons

Bring:  Sunglasses, gloves, warm cap and warm winter clothes.

Starts: At Experience Arjeplog

PRICE: 1790 SEK     Half price for kids under 12 years

Regular tours every Sunday, January – March
Other days on request


“Get ready, steady, go!”

Would you drive a car without limits on the ice, this is the experience for you!
We think that all car enthusiasts should experience a genuine driving on ice. Run and skid without limits on our frozen lake path. It is both action packed challenging and a great source for pictures and unforgettable memories.

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Tour is perfect for: both small and large groups

Season:January – April

Bring: Warm winter clothes

Site: Lippi 10 min from Arjeplog

Price: From 2890 SEK per hour and car ex. transfer

+150SEK insurence per person

Laponie ice driving

Imagine drifting at more than 200 km/h in total safety on a full-scale F1 circuit reproduced on a frozen lake, behind the wheel of high-powered sports car in the middle of Swedish Lapland.  This is the reality with a Lapland Ice Driving experience.

No barriers, no walls, nothing in the way- just fresh snow alongside the track and your heart-beat telling you that you’re living the present moment just as it should be. Everything is designed to allow limitless extreme driving behind the wheel of one of the 30 exceptional cars, each one specially prepared for extreme driving conditions: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati, Audi R8, Subaru, Ford Focus RS… You can choose from among them, and every day is the opportunity to fall in love with another one.

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“a ski paradise in the middle of Lapland”

When you visit Arjeplog in the winter you must visit Galtis! This ski slope with stunning views has several levels of difficulty and is the perfect ski resort for the whole family.



Join one of our guides and drill through the ice and experience one of Swedens most popular winter activities.

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Tour is perfect for:Young and old, experienced or inexperienced, lone travelers, couples, families coh groups, No special requirements on fitness.

Season:January – April, on request every day

Bring:Warm winter clothes

8 km from Arjeplog

Minimum participants:
4 persons

Duration: 2,5 hours

Price: From 850 SEK per person including snowmobile transfer and snack



Closer to a real rally car than this is hard to get. 150 insane hp in a small buggy with a weight of only 300kg. Hundreds of long studs in each tire gives you a real kick in the ass. 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds!
Sequential gearbox makes the feeling of sitting in a rally car it’s fact and our challenging course offers fast corners and pinching hairpins.
This incredibly easy to drive Speed Car will make your biggest smile appear!

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Season: January – March. On request every day
Location: At Experience Arjeplog

Single race
Duration: 15min (6 laps)
Price per person: 800 SEK


A cultural experience beyond the ordinary! Meet the reindeer and try culinary delights in the tipi, where you sit on reindeer skins around the warm, crackling fire. Listen to sami songs and stories, an experience that can get anyone to forget the world outside. Combine the experience with dinner and sauna.

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Season: All year, every day request

Duration: About 2,5 – 4 hours including transfer

Minimum: 4 persons

Site: Båtsuoj sami center, 30 minuter from Arjeplog

PRICE: 1140 sek per person, inclusive transfer & lunch


Meet the Swedish national symbol in its wild state. The meeting with the King of the Forest is a powerful one. They are large and majestic animals. There is something special and ancient about creatures who have fascinated people throughout the ages. Ride comfortably in a snowmobile sledge and let the villagers of Jutis take you on an exciting safari through the forests.

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Season: January-March booking on request
Duration: 2,5 h
Minimum: 4 persons
Bring: Warm clothes and a camera
Location: Jutis,
approximate 20 minutes outside central Arjeplog.

Price per person:
Moose safari 1890 SEK


With the snowshoes on you can experience the beautiful hiking trails of Arjeplog in winter time. Tour is perfect for groups, no experience required.

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Season: January – April, on request every day
Duration: 2,5 hours
Bring: Warm winter clothing
Price: From 620 SEK

Customized PACKAGES


Experience the best and toughest parts of Arjeplog, testing rally on ice, snowmobile and dogsled, a full speed and close to nature experience. This is an intensive, action-packed trip that is tailored for you.

Are you interested in a more luxurious driving, we have alternatives. contact us for more information and read more about laponia ice drive on

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Day 1

  • Check in
  • The day starts with a helicopter tour, glance over the beautiful landscapes of Arjeplog.
  • Rally on ice – It´s time for a thrilling action packed activity on the ice track!
  • Dinner

Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • Snowmobile tour with lunch – Time to get to buisness! The snowmobile will be waiting for you and an exciting day in the woods are yet to come. After getting stuck, sweating, fast paced trackes and many amazing views, it’s lunch time. Then, just jumping up and get moving on. The dinner has never tasted better than after this total action pass!
  • Dinner

Day 3

  • Breakfast
  • Dogsledge –  this closes to the winter landscape you will never come again.
  • Lunch
  • check out

Book in April for the oppurtunity to stay at luxurious  Silver lodge.

Package includes

Food 2 dinner, 2 lunch and 2 breakfast

nights included 3 at hotel Kraja

Also including
Helicoptersightseeing, 2 h rally on ice, 1 full day tour on the snowmobile, 2 h dog sledge tour.

Equipment included:

Rally on ice: car and instructor
Snowmobile: snowmobile, guide, gasoline, insurance (Deductible),
overall, googles, helmet, gloves and shoes.
Dogsledge: Insructor, overall, gloves and shoes.

Think of this:

The winter in Arjeplog can be very cold please bring warm clothes and shoes.

weekend event Friday – Sunday (2nights)

driver license is required

Maximum participants:

Min: 3
Max: 11

Minimum age: 18

Start: Arjeplog


Contact us at Silver Resort for more information and booking

8 + 7 =

  • +46 (0)961 107 70