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Our three Hotels Silverhatten, Silver Lodge and Kraja all have their own restaurants. All in different tones and with there own specialties. Silver Lodge offers gourmet meals in the highest class, Kraja Inns and Hotels Silverhatten offers tasty and authentic food but in different atmospheres. Find your favourite!


Lunch menu

We now serve lunch at Silverhatten 11:00 – 14:00 Monday to Saturday, Welcome

“The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.”
-Mark Twain


We welcome you to Silverhatten restaurant, with a magnificent panoramic views of Arjeplog and Hornavan. This is a restaurant for all occasions! Our kitchen serves an international menu and northern specialties to satisfy all our different guests.


During winter season Kraja often have theme nights with music and entertainment. At summer Kraja open up the terrace by the lake where you can enjoy your dinner during a warm summer evening.

Silver Lodge

Silverlodge welcome groups during spring, summer and fall and turns to you who seeks the exclusive conference, event, dinner or wedding. Silverloge is only open for advance booking or on special occasions.


The possibilities are endless! If you have any questions or a special request don´t hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Kraja restaurant

The restaurant can be rented during, spring, summer and fall. It´s accommodate up to 75 persons.


Kraja Tipi

For your conference, dinners or party? Use it as your own private lounge. The Kraja tipi has its own bar and television and accommodates up to 70 people.


Lumber room Kraja

Rustic venue that suits both conference and dinners. The fireplace adds an extra cozy atmosphere. Accommodate up to 42 people for dinner


Vip rooms Kraja

On the second floor is our three boardrooms. Punch Porch, Vip 1 & Vip 2. The rooms are ideal for both closed dinners and conferences.


Hunting lodge Kraja

The lodge is a room suitable for conferences, dinners and parties. Located near the lake, with access to sauna and wooden hot tub. The venue can accommodate up to 30 people and is available all year round.


Silverhatten Restaurant

The restaurant have both a raised floor and a lower setting. All togheter it accommodates up to 122 people for dinner


Silverhatten Tipi

The Tipi are perfect for small conferences or meetings. Why not have it like your own private lounge! Silverhatten tipi have a own bar and the facilities can accommodate up to 70 persons.


Silverhatten Boardroom Tjeggelvas

Boardroom for 10 people.

Silver lounge Silverhatten

This VIP facility  have all the amenities of the restaurant but with a private setting. The Silver Lounge accommodates up to 50 people for dinner.


Iglootel lounge

Sakkaträsk Tipi

The tipi is located at lake sakkaträsk 16km outside Arjeplog. The tipi can accommodate up to 35 people


Ullak Tipi

The tipi is sítuated at lake Ullak 10km outside Arjeplog. The tipi can accommodate up to 35 people.


Akkelis Tipi

The tipi is situated at lake Akkelis 14km outside Arjeplog. The tipi can accommodate up to 35 people.


Silverlodge restaurant

The cosy little restaurantarea have a spectacular view. It works as well as a conferenceroom. The restaurant accommodate 40 people for dinner.


Silverlodge board room

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