A more sustainable hospitality industry

Our business should contribute to a sustainable development with regards to environmental, social and economic aspects. We strive to improve profitability and streamline our operations based on a sustainable perspective. This means that we aim to prevent and reduce our environmental impact and make a positive contribution to our society.


Through our vision of a unique Laplandic welcoming in combination with a sustainable approach to hospitality, we focus on three key areas in our daily work:

  • Evironment to prevent and limit our impact on the environment surrounding us
  • Social for a more equal society
  • Economic for a healthy economic development of our region and our suppliers


As a part of our commitment Silver Resort is the first Scandinavian hotel and restaurant business to commit to a goal within Science Based Targets, to limit global warming in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Some examples of our work

  • Limit the use of energy in all our facilities during times when our hotels are not open
  • Single use items e.g. bars of soap are being replaced with mounted dispensers with eco-friendly soap
  • We actively strive to reduce food waste and look at more sustainable ways of handling our food waste
  • When we buy new equipment we always consider ergonomics and work environment aspects as well as a careful choice of suppliers with an active sustainability work

In cooperation with TMR we now offer recycling bins at Kraja. Here you can leave used packaging made of paper, plastic, and metals for recycling. All collected packaging will be taken to a certified recycling facility.

By offering the possibility of recycling with us together with TMR, we want to give back to nature and at the same time improve the opportunities for all of us who do not live in the big cities. Together we can contribute to a more sustainable society, and this is a natural step for us in our work.

If you would like to learn more about TMR and their work, please visit their webpage: www.tmr.se

Read more about our sustainability approach and our goals

Silver Resort's sustainability goals

Ecological sustainability

  • Reduce the consumption of the earth’s resources through active choices, for example by reducing our energy consumption
  • Recycling or circular flows, when we change equipment or materials in any of our hotels, we will evaluate whether the replaced equipment can be used in another way
  • We should set a good example regarding recycling and limit our food waste
  • Choose organic chemical products for cleaning anad maintenance
  • Our environmental work follows the precautionary principle, which means that when we implement changes to our business we should prevent and counteract that the changes will have any negative impact on people’s health or the environment
  • When we choose our suppliers or partners, we should always consider their sustainability policy

Social sustainability

  • Regular health checks for employees
  • Proactive approach to a safe and good work environment
  • Through standardised and regular training ensure that all new employees receive an equal and sufficient introduction to their workplace
  • Place demands on suppliers and subcontractors to provide fair conditions for their employees, for example through collective bargaining agreements and work environment policy

Economical sustainability

  • Provide conditions through financial means to achieve the goals the company has established in our action plan
  • Regular maintenance and service of all equipment and facilities should be carried out to extend the various assets lifecycle and possibilities of being reused
  • Streamline the use of energy to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce costs